Walnut Grove Land Application System


 What is a “land application” system?

A land application system provides sewer treatment through a series of natural anaerobic and aerobic processes. While a conventional sewage treatment plant relies on massive doses of chemicals to “treat” sanitary waste before discharging it into a stream, the land application method relies on natural bacteriological processes to clean the wastewater before it is applied to the land. 

Water from this process is applied directly to the land by irrigation methods, thus allowing the living filter of soil and growing vegetation to continue the treatment process and provide valuable soil nutrients.


What's so great about this method?

Less costly to build

Less costly to maintain and operate

No sludge by-product

No discharge into waterways

Complete compliance with the EPA Clean Water Act


Is odor a problem?

Walnut Grove residents are very familiar with sewer odors along Highway 138 in a neighboring County. This was a primary concern of the City Council. The land application system method was selected by the City Council based on research of similar facilities. This should avoid any problem with odors.


How does the new land application system benefit the Walnut Grove?

Economic Development

New Retail/Commercial Development

New Restaurants

Job Creation

Enhanced Tax Base



The City held a ground breaking for the new sewage system on September 12, 2014.

The site is cleared and pipelines are in place.

The sewage is ready for operation.